You can teach your dog how to talk with the Fluentpet talking button kit — and it’s on sale


Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

SAVE $20: As of Oct. 20, grab the FluentPet tester set for just $24.95(opens in a new tab) — that’s a 44% discount — and finally hear what your dog has to say.

If you’ve seen TikTok videos of Bunny the talking sheepadoodle, and wished that your dog could also have an existential crisis using buttons, this deal is for you.

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As of Oct. 20, FluentPet is offering 44% off its two-button starter kit. This kit is for beginners and includes two buttons, two hex tiles for the buttons to sit in, and a starter kit for how to train your dog to use them. This is the ideal setup for dogs to learn a few basic words like “outside” or “potty.”

While we can’t guarantee that your pet will learn over 100 words and become a true conversationalist like Bunny, learning to use the buttons is a fun experiment and is a good activity for bonding more closely with your dog (or cat).

If it turns out that your pet is a full-blown english major, FluentPet makes it easy to add more tiles and buttons to your setup down the line. Each tile can be attached to other tiles and has room for up to six buttons per tile. That’s a lot of possible words you can teach your four-legged friend.


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