Tunermaxx Announces Snow Scout, a Virtual Reality Adventure On Skis


A year after their exclusive Meta Quest release “Rainbow Reactor: Fusion”, Tunermaxx are back with an ambitious VR adventure on Steam VR. The game spent five months in Early Access and was shaped by feedback from the community. Players will be immersed in a majestic Alpine landscape, preparing a remote little ski resort for reopening – all by themselves.

With all the stress that has been invading our lives recently, Snow Scout offers a chance to virtually get away from it all. Players experience the game’s story as themselves, having decided to volunteer with a non-profit organization, with the task of preparing a remote little ski resort for reopening. They will have to perform tasks based on real ski patrols, like opening and checking slopes, performing snow cover tests to determine avalanche risks and even triggering controlled avalanches, as well as side-tasks like recycling trash and taking pictures of elusive Alpine birds.


  • Get away from it all through the power of virtual reality – instead of impersonating a character, you play as yourself, trying to get some distance between you and the energy-sapping pressures of those last two years.
  • The life-like simulation of skiing makes movement through vast landscapes feel natural and real – even in limited VR playspaces.
  • Cross-country skiing as well as descent runs are featured as a competitive element with online leaderboards.
  • Communicate with your friendly superior through an innovative communications system.
  • The game features over three hours of recorded narration, 21 ski races, 15 Steam achievements and various side-tasks to complete.
  • Ga

meplay offes a unique blend of genres like Adventure, Sports and Job Simulation, resulting in a wholesome experience.

SNOW SCOUT is out on August 18th, 2022


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