This portable Apple Watch charger is only $15


Get a fast charge anywhere you need it with the Apple Watch Portable USB Charger.

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If you’re an Apple Watch wearer, you don’t want to find yourself powerless in the middle of the day. Don’t let that eventuality come to pass. With this Apple Watch Portable USB Charger, you’ll always have portable power available to you whenever you need it.

This lightweight, pocket-sized charger has a built-in magnetic absorption module, allowing you to clip your Apple Watch on and start charging safely in an instant. It plugs into your laptop via a USB port, giving you a little platform to charge up your Apple Watch within three hours so you can effortlessly get a charge while you’re working at home or in public. That way, you’re killing two birds with one stone, getting charged up to stay connected when you have to put your computer away and get moving.

The lightweight charger is easy to pack up, even in a wallet, so you can use it working at home, while traveling or anywhere else you want to use your Apple Watch. Plus, it’s compatible with any Apple Watch so even if you upgrade, you’ll be able to still use this portable charger with your new watch.

Give your Apple Watch the power it needs no matter where you go. Right now, you can get the Apple Watch Portable USB Charger for 62% off $39 at just $14.99 for a limited time.

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