The Xbox Series S Is the Best Budget Gaming Console Right Now


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In a world where game consoles actually increase from their original price, it’s nice to know there remain affordable and viable options in 2022. The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s smaller, cheaper version of its newest Xbox — and it’s fantastic.

Why it’s a great gift: At $300, the Series S is by far the cheapest current-generation game console on the market. Also, it has all the features of the more expensive Xbox Series X ($500). Those include a fast SSD drive for quick loading of games and the same basic internal architecture; however, the Series X can achieve higher resolutions in games. The Series S also has Quick Resume, which lets you continue multiple games right where you left off. Lastly, there’s Xbox Game Pass, the company’s $9.99 monthly subscription service that provides access to hundreds of games across four generations of Xboxes as well as nearly every Microsoft, Bethesda — and possibly soon, Activision Blizzard — first-party game… and some big third party games as well. The Series S plus Game Pass is the perfect gift for old and new gamers on a budget.

What you’ll pay: Most places charge $300, but there are frequently sales of up to $50 off.

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