The Steam Deck is now also available for pre-order in Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, & Taiwan

Valve has raised the bar for mobile PC gaming consoles by increasing Steam Deck shipments to certain markets. Pre-orders have begun, according to the business, through the Komodo website, which presently offers the Valve Index VR headset for PC, as well as other games and gaming accessories, in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. If you go to from one of these locations, you will be forwarded to the Komodo site, or you may click here to choose your language. According to Valve spokesman Kasi Aitchison Boyle, the first new reservations will be made later this year. The press announcement states that supplies will begin in Japan, with “further deliveries to consumers in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the following weeks.”

Steam Deck

After Valve talks about the zone at the November 2021 developer conference, I’m spraying it for my friends who are still waiting for the release.In Japan, the Steam Deck starts at 59,800 yen (about $447) for the premium 512GB version and goes up to 99,800 yen (about $746). These versions cost $400 and $650 respectively in the US. A small refund fee of ¥1,000 (about $7.50) will be refunded to secure your reservation.

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According to Valve, the next startup costs are elsewhere.

Korea 589,000 Won

NT$13,380 Taiwan

Hong Kong HK$3,288 Each costs $450.

Valve attributes this significant increase to recent production increases, noting that shipping to these new countries will not reduce shipping prices for those ordering packs. If you’ll be attending the annual BitSummit gaming conference in Kyoto this weekend, Valve will be with the Steam Deck along with the Tokyo Game Show in September 2022.

Steam Deck Design
Steam Deck Design

Handheld gaming is popular all throughout the world, but particularly in Japan, where many people travel by rail to and from large cities every day. Access to Steam is not new in these places, but the ability to purchase a portable device strong enough to play PC games, well-built, and relatively tiny (volume compared to the Nintendo Switch) is significant. In recent months, there has been a lot of encouraging news about the Deck’s availability, especially since it is now available for pre-order and will be ready before the end of the year. Valve said at the end of June that they will be tripling their Steam Deck shipments, allowing many players to acquire deck items earlier than anticipated. Valve recently announced that it was increasing production to better meet demand after addressing certain supply chain concerns.

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