Tesla Is Letting You Decide Where Its Next Supercharger Stations Will Go


Tesla has built up its network of Supercharger high-speed electric vehicle charging stations to cover major metropolitan areas and roadways around the world, but there are plenty of gaps. Want one near you? You can now vote for where the company’s next stations will go.

Tesla launched a website devoted to the Supercharger election on Friday, where you can cast up to five votes for cities you think should have a station. There’s a leaderboard on the right side showing which city has the most votes — currently, it’s Big Bear Lake, CA with over 2,100 votes, though Bolzano, Italy is not far behind and three of the top 10 cities are in Germany.

You can search for your city of choice and the map will zero in on it, showing nearby potential station locations that have already gotten lots of votes as well as Supercharger sites that are already part of the network. 

It’s not clear how many stations Tesla plans to build based on the results, nor how long it’ll let voting proceed, though the voting site does say users can return every three months to vote again in a new cycle. It’s also unclear how big each Supercharger station will be and how many chargers will be at each. 

Tesla didn’t respond to a request for comment by time of publication.


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