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Snap has introduced a number of features for its Snapchat+ subscription app, including a new “Story Expiration” feature, along with custom notification sounds, camera borders and more. The Story feature looks useful, and appears designed to tempt hardcore users to sign up for the $4 per month service.

With story expiration, subscribers can choose to let their stories expire for lengths of time between one hour and one week. That could allow creators to, say, draw interest with a short story, or let one stay for a longer period to draw the more eyeballs. As it stands now, all stories expire after 24 hours and must be saved or they’ll be gone for good. 

Snapchat introduces custom story expiration, but only for subscribers


Paid users are also getting access to custom notification sounds, letting them set different tones for different friends so they tell who Snapped them without checking their phone. And the new custom camera color borders option allows users to just what it says, using different hues while capturing content. And finally, Snapchat is bringing custom “exclusive, seasonal and spooky Bitmoji backgrounds” that they can use in their profiles for Halloween. 

Snapchat+ made a strong start, with the company boasting a million subscribers just a couple of months after it debuted. At the time, Snap described it as a service for “passionate” users, and though that’s a fraction of its 347 million daily users, it’s a significant injection of additional revenue. Snapchat also sells hardware like glasses and recently came out with the Pixy Drone, though Snap had reportedly given up on that product.

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