Samsung has announced the availability of 24Gbps GDDR6 memory upcoming graphics cards.

Samsung is expanding its GDDR6 line with a new component capable of 24Gbps per pin data transmission speeds. This is primarily optimized for high graphics cards as well as AI accelerators, however the business will also produce low-power equivalents for other uses.

Samsung GDDR6
Samsung8217s Latest GDDR6 DRAM for Graphics cards and AI accelerators

Samsung unveiled today the company’s first 24Gbps GDDR6 RAM, that will fuel the next generation of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, and also laptops, consoles, and AI accelerators for data centers.

Samsung is expanding its GDDR6 line ?

The Korean tech behemoth already has commenced testing the newest silicon wafers with a capacity of 16GB, and its clients will begin verification testing later this month. Moreover, commercial supply will be timed to coincide with subsequent GPU releases, so we won’t have to wait long in seeing 24Gbps GDDR6 in commercial devices.


One of the most apparent advantages with this newest GDDR6 module is that it can give 30% higher rates than Samsung’s older 18Gbps module. In other words, a fully loaded premium graphics card will be capable of achieving 1.1 Tbps memory bandwidth – the equivalent of uploading 275 full – hd movies in one second.

Unlike GDDR6X, which was created by Micron in partnership with Nvidia, Samsung’s new GDDR6 DRAM is entirely JEDEC compatible. It is also projected to consume less power due to use of high heavy metal gate technology. That implies this will operate cool and comfortable than GDDR6X while giving higher performance and being less expensive to produce.

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In terms of production, Samsung is using a 10nm (1z) technology node to produce the new GDDR6 range. While the new technology is primarily aimed at GPUs and AI accelerators, it will also be available in 20Gbps and 16Gbps forms for low-power applications. To that purpose, Samsung employs dynamic voltage switching technology that can shift between 1.1V and 1.35V to deliver 20% higher power efficiency when it is required.

Samsung GDDR6 Featured

It’s worth mentioning that Samsung expects the high-performance graphics industry to increase by double digits in the future years. The business wants a big slice of that growing pie, so it’s been working hard to defeat TSMC in the battle to create cutting-edge chip production procedures.

It began producing chips on a 3nanometers technique at its Hwaseong plants last month. Whether or whether it is enough to pique the interest of businesses like Nvidia continues to remain to be everywhere, although Samsung maintains the global leader in the DRAM field, with such a share of the market of about 44 percent.

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