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This GoPro Hero10 Black resembles the Hero9, records video with much more pixels and at twice higher refresh rate, The company’s greatest action camera to date.

With its yearly action camera upgrade this year, GoPro will reach the tenth generation. And, whereas the Hero10 Black is a more evolutionary upgrade than the innovative Hero9, it is a better camera as a result. Because the form factor stays the same, the Hero10 is compatible with Hero9 accessories. More crucially, its video engine has been improved to support 5.3K60 as well as 4K120 capture, with exceptional stability. Its tiny form and wide lens make it a popular choice for POV action photos, and it also functions well enough for streaming video and as a webcam. Despite being more expensive than the previous generation, it is the greatest GoPro and always our Editors’ Choice for action cameras.

GoPro Hero10 Black specifications and review

The Hero10 is a relatively compact camera, measuring 2.8 × 2.2 by 1.3 inches (HWD) & weighing just 5.4 ounces. Integrated mounting clamps connect to a selfie stick, tripod, or mounting device. The series’ tiny size, sturdy chassis, with 33-foot submersible rating have made it a choice for attachment to people, pets, and other vehicles.

GoPro Hero10 Black

The lens also plays a role here. The ultra-wide view is designed for close-up action photos, and GoPro’s video processing has advanced to the point where you can change the view towards a more modest wide, distortion-free level without fear of quality loss.

The controls on the camera are rather simple. The record button is large and at the top, and there is a key just on side to switch between modes. You may also use voice commands to instruct the Hero10 to begin a movie, capture a photo, or shoot a time lapses, and the camera will respond with a loud, affirmative beep. (If you’ve used the cam in a calm environment, you may disable the beep.)

The capacitive touch screen is excellent, too. It offers swipes and touches to switch modes and alter settings. There’s also some customization—you may include three to four shortcuts keys in every one of the preset, and you can design as many as you like.

GoPro Hero9 Black

The Hero10 is powered by same 1,720mAh cell as in the Hero9. It can power the Hero10 for roughly 45 mins of 5.3K60fps video or one hr of 4K60fps video here. However, overheating can be an issue with long-form recording. In room temperature circumstances, the camera shuts down after around 25 minutes of 5.3K recording & 35 minutes of 4K60fps collection.

You may avoid the problem by charging the GoPro through USB-C for extended shots or by switching to something like a lesser frame rate. During our room temperature testing, the Hero10 records constantly until its battery runs out at 5.3K24, which is close to 90 minutes. Heat is also affected by how the camera is used—air can cool the GoPro even though it’s attached and also in motion, therefore snowboarders shouldn’t have to worry over overheating at all.

Spare batteries may be purchased for $19.99. GoPro now sells the Enduro battery, which allows for faster recharging and greater power efficiency. It didn’t perform any better in terms of heat than the usual battery, but it really does run longer—fine it’s for around an hour of 5.3K60, which is 15 minutes longer than that of the standard battery.

GoPro Hero10 Black Side view

The Hero10 also functions as a webcam. It connects to a PC or Mac’s USB port & operates well with GoPro Webcam Utility program. I connected the camera on our Laptop and also was ready to use that for Zoom, Google Meet (through Browsers doesn’t always support external webcams), and OBS.

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The streaming resolution is 1080p, and you may choose between a broad, moderate, or narrow view. The HyperSmooth stabilization now works for streaming, which was previously unavailable on earlier GoPros. When utilizing the camera feature, you won’t be worried about battery life because my laptop’s USB connector offers enough power to operate & charge the Hero10.

Content creators will undoubtedly regard the Hero10 as an appealing, go-anywhere camera. Its digital stability is adequate enough to eliminate any need for a stabilizer, as well as the Media Mod add-on includes a higher-quality mic as well as a 3.5mm connection for cordless lavs or another form of external mic. The Media Mod also comes with cold shoe mounts for extras, such as the Light Mod, a tiny rechargeable video light that may be used to brighten gloomy areas and provide fill in mixed lighting.

The Volta Bluetooth grip and countertop tripod combo is an option. It connects to the Hero10 through Bluetooth and USB-C cable connections, and it has Recording as well as Power/Mode controls on the handle. Its ability to convert to a tabletop tripod and have a standard 1/4-20 connector for mounting to something like a bigger tripod or lengthier selfie stick is appealing. The Volta may be used in wet conditions but is not submersible. The embedded USB-C cable isn’t as appealing to us—a it’s simple way to utilize device Volta’s built – in battery to charge the Hero10 for more (three to 4 hours of 4K), and it’s short and inconvenient. When the GoPro is charged, you shouldn’t need to utilize the cable.

We wish GoPro had chosen a less noticeable permanent wire or a detachable cable instead.

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