Professor Joe is ready for ‘You’ in Season 4


Hello, you.

We last saw Penn Badgley’s character, the infamous serial-killer Joe, after he killed his wife Love played by Victoria Pedretti, faked his own death, gave his child up to the neighbors, and fled the country. In season four of You, he’s in a new city with a new job and, in all likelihood, a new obsession.

“I’m not the lovable bookstore manager in New York,” Joe says in the trailer. “Or the shop clerk in LA, or the doting husband in the suburbs. No, not anymore.”

Joe says he’s gone through “a bit of refinement” after moving to London and that he’s beyond “the days of unrequited love and longing,” but we’ve heard this story before. Each time Joe says he’s not going to kill another of his lovers, things don’t turn out quite as planned.

You season four, part one launches February 10 and part two launches March 10 on Netflix.


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