Potential Intel 13th Gen Core Processor Pricing Leaked by Amazon UK


There have been some rumours circulating about Intel looking at increasing the pricing for its CPUs and if a screenshot from Amazon UK posted by @momomo_us on Twitter is to be believed, it looks like it’ll be a significant increase in price. The Core i9-13900KF is listed with a price of £750.12, or almost US$815, admittedly including 20 percent VAT. That’s a significant price increase over the Core i9-12900KF which normally retails for £679, but is currently offered for £608.99 by Amazon UK. It doesn’t look better further down the stack either, with the Core i7-13700K coming in at £547.22 compared to a retail price of £409.88 for the Core i7-12700K.

The Core i7-13700KF should land at £516.58, versus £396.40 for the Core i7-12700KF. Finally the Core i5-13600KF ends up at £349.75 versus £272.99 for the Core i5-12600KF. As such, we’re looking at a price increase of somewhere between around £80 and £140 depending on the SKU. These are not insignificant price increases if these are the actual retail prices we can expect when Intel launches its 13th gen Core processors in October. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity next week, when Intel is said to be announcing the new CPUs. @momomo_us also provided some box art for the new processor boxes, for your viewing pleasure.


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