Poll: Do you still care about phone thickness?


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A thin design used to be one of the most important factors for mobile phone manufacturers prior to the smartphone era. But even the modern smartphone era saw some brands obsess over reducing thickness, particularly in the late 2000s to early 2010s.

In saying so, it seems like today’s smartphone manufacturers aren’t too obsessed with thickness anymore. Is this something consumers care about, though? That’s the topic of our featured poll today, so let us know by casting a vote below.

Do you still care about phone thickness?

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We can understand why you might care about a phone’s thickness, though. It’s nice to have a slim and light handset that isn’t cumbersome to hold or awkward to carry in your pocket. Then again, a thin design can often result in other compromises such as reduced battery capacity, lower quality camera hardware, or other cutbacks. So we can see why you’d prioritize features like a large battery and better cameras over a thinner design.

Either way, you can vote via the poll above and leave a comment below if you’ve got more on your mind.


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