NVIDIA Could Launch Hopper H100 PCIe GPU with 120 GB Memory


NVIDIA’s high-performance computing hardware stack is now equipped with the top-of-the-line Hopper H100 GPU. It features 16896 or 14592 CUDA cores, developing if it comes in SXM5 of PCIe variant, with the former being more powerful. Both variants come with a 5120-bit interface, with the SXM5 version using HBM3 memory running at 3.0 Gbps speed and the PCIe version using HBM2E memory running at 2.0 Gbps. Both versions use the same capacity capped at 80 GBs. However, that could soon change with the latest rumor suggesting that NVIDIA could be preparing a PCIe version of Hopper H100 GPU with 120 GBs of an unknown type of memory installed.

According to the Chinese website “s-ss.cc” the 120 GB variant of the H100 PCIe card will feature an entire GH100 chip with everything unlocked. As the site suggests, this version will improve memory capacity and performance over the regular H100 PCIe SKU. With HPC workloads increasing in size and complexity, more significant memory allocation is needed for better performance. With the recent advances in Large Language Models (LLMs), AI workloads use trillions of parameters for tranining, most of which is done on GPUs like NVIDIA H100.


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