Noticed weird glitches on old images in Google Photos? You’re not alone.


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  • Many Google Photos users are seeing corruption in their old images.
  • Weirdly, the photos appear as if they’ve had some water damage.
  • Cracks and other distortions are also appearing in older photos stored in the app.

Google Photos users reminiscing old memories have found some weird glitches in their old images. Several complaints spotted by 9to5Google show that people scrolling through images on Google Photos from several years ago are noticing corrupted pictures.

In some cases, the corrupted photos appear as though they have water stains on them. Folks are also reporting massive discoloration, cracks, and other issues in photos.

The problem is apparently happening across Google Photos for Android, iOS, and the web. You can check out some examples of the problem below.

According to the affected users, the photos remain corrupted even after downloading them. However, the original copies of the images are not impacted by the problem. Since the edited images are what appear in the Google Photos app, it’s an annoyance for those looking to view or download their old photos.

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Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet. We’ll update the article if we hear something from the company. Meanwhile, you can go back and check if you’re also seeing corrupted images in Google Photos. Let us know in the comments section just how the problem is affecting your photos.


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