Instagram update encourages nicer interactions in the comments section


What you need to know

  • Instagram’s latest updates aims at improving its safety measures for the platform.
  • The social media app has expanded its blocking feature to include blocking any existing accounts a troublesome users has created, as well.
  • The Hidden Words update helps to keep offensive comments away from your sight while also gaining improved filtering for scam and spam messages.
  • Nudges expands into the comments section and user DMs.

Instagram’s latest update clues us into how it’s mixing in additional measures to ensure its users remain safe on its platform.

Instagram is one of the best Android apps for social media and with that comes a massive flood of people. The Meta-owned company knows this can lead to some nasty interactions, which is why safety is the driving force behind its recent update.

The social media platform begins by making a slight change to its blocking mechanism. Instagram already provides users with a way to block a person and any new accounts they could create. With its updated form, users can now block existing accounts that the person causing you trouble may have.

Instagram's updated blocking feature to block existing accounts a person may have, as well.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Instagram is also updating Hidden Words. This feature allows users to turn on a filter that automatically removes harmful content in their comments or messages. While the platform reports that more than one in five creators on Instagram with more than 10,000 followers have turned the feature on, they are now testing automatically making Hidden Words active for creator accounts.


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