How to sync Fitbit with Garmin Connect


Fitbit and Garmin are two of our favorite fitness brands competing for the same audience niche, so it’s unsurprising that they don’t let you automatically share workout data with each other like you can with Strava or other apps. But there is a simple one-time workaround if you’re switching from Fitbit to Garmin but don’t want to lose your data; all you need are your login credentials for both apps. Here’s how to sync Fitbit data with Garmin Connect.

How to export Fitbit data

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1. Go to the Fitbit Data Export (opens in new tab) page in your web browser. If you need to find it yourself in the future, go to (opens in new tab), click the Settings cog in the top right, and then click Data Export in the left sidebar.

2. Choose a time period of data to export, make sure the file format is CSV, and click Download.

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3. Fitbit only lets you export up to 31 days of data at a time and only has “this month” and “last month” as options for the maximum length. But you can also create a Custom length of any 31-day period. To check which days to export, click Log > Activities to see every workout saved; you can then download CSV files for every past month since Garmin will accept more than one file.

How to import Fitbit data into Garmin Connect

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1. Log into Garmin Connect (opens in new tab) on the web.

2. Click the cloud icon in the top-right, then Import data

(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

3. Drag your Fitbit CSV files from your downloads folder into the Drop files here box. 


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