Here’s the Apple Watch Ultra getting destroyed with a hammer


The $799 Apple Watch Ultra‘s biggest selling point is its toughness, with Apple calling it “the most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever.” Even so, it seems not even the sturdiest watch can withstand the might of a vigorously applied hammer.

YouTuber TechRax recently got his hands on a brand new Apple Watch Ultra, unboxed it, and then proceeded to treat it like it owed him a lot of money. The Ultra withstood being dropped on its sapphire crystal face, and didn’t seem fazed after being shaken about in a container full of screws — ordeals no Apple Watch should ever have to endure, Ultra or not.

However, it was the heavy hammer that was finally the watch’s undoing, eventually giving up the ghost after several heavy hits that pushed the device into the board behind it — while the screen remained undamaged at that point, it also remained black and blank, so the internals clearly took those hits. TechRax then continued to pummel the Ultra until the screen was entirely smashed, just for good measure.


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