GTA 6 will include several cities, including Vice City

After its release, GTA 6 will return to Vice City and include new areas. The first facts of GTA 6’s location have been disclosed, and we’ll be returning to Vice City, or at least a fictitious version of Miami, in the long-awaited sequel.


The game is intended to be the largest Grand Theft Auto title yet made, with enormous sections patterned after North and South America. However, such intentions were eventually scaled back. As it stands, the main map of GTA 6 will include Vice City and the surrounding environs.

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It also appears that the map in GTA 6 will not be static. Rockstar intends to keep updating the game after its release with fixes that are far broader in scope than those received by GTA 5.

A “regular basis,” according to Rockstar, the game will receive new missions and towns. Not only will this provide players with additional regions to explore after completing the vanilla version of the game, but it is believed that the release schedule would reduce crunch time during the final months of production.

The map in GTA 6 will remain huge at launch. It will not only span a larger territory, but it will also have more interior locales than previous releases. When combined with the series’ first female protagonist, it appears that Rockstar is making some significant modifications to the GTA formula.

Considering these information, we still don’t have a firm debut date. According to the most recent sources, GTA 6 will be released in at least two years. Fortunately, there are other games similar to GTA that you can play while you wait for Rockstar’s crimes ’em up.

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