Grab one of these 8 refurbished MacBooks for up to 79% off


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Whether you’re in school, at work, or at home streaming, MacBooks are some of the most versatile laptops on the market. Students can enjoy a super light, portable computer to take to classes. Professionals with a MacBook on hand have a device with a huge pool of apps and software to pull from. And when you get home, movies and TV look fantastic on a Retina Display. 

What might stop you from purchasing one is that a brand new MacBook can be expensive. But the good news is you don’t have to buy brand new to get something that’ll fit your needs. We’ve gathered up eight deals on refurbished MacBooks, and all of them are on sale for 55–79% off if you grab them before September 30, with no coupon needed for any of these deals.

If you like to take your work on the road, then grab a MacBook with a battery that’s made to last up to nine hours. Power through your work on a stunning 11.6-inch glossy backlit retina display(opens in a new tab). At just 11.8 inches wide, this could be a great laptop for the frequent traveler, and it’s only $247.99 (Reg. $700). 

This MacBook could be a great match if you’re looking for a general-purpose computer(opens in a new tab). It has a 128GB SSD and Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology, which is useful if you need to run demanding apps for a short time. A little over two pounds and arriving with its own case, you could take this MacBook Air to school or work, and it’s just $265.99 (Reg. $599). 

If you’re planning a camping trip or any time off the grid, bring along this MacBook if you want some long-lasting modern entertainment. Between the battery that should last up to 12 hours and the 128GB SSD, you could load this laptop up with movies and music before your next adventure. You could even bring along some Bluetooth speakers if you want to turn your MacBook Air(opens in a new tab) into a tent home theater, and it’s on sale for $278.99 (Reg. $999). No coupon needed. 

College students looking for an affordable, long-lasting laptop(opens in a new tab) may want to check out this MacBook Air. Join online classes with the 720p HD webcam and put this 4 GB of RAM to work multitasking with the many macOS notes apps. The battery on this MacBook is built to last up to 12 hours, and it has been marked down to $295.99 (Reg. $1,199). 

Get up to six hours of operation off one charge with this Turbo-boosted MacBook(opens in a new tab). Refurbished with a rating of “B,” you might notice some light scuffing on the bevel or case and light scratches or dents on the body, but everything inside works just fine. Put your MacBook’s Intel i5 processor to work and offload some of the apps from your main computer onto this one, but first you’ll have to get it for $282.99 (Reg. $899).

If you like to fly light, then you may not be able to get much lighter than a MacBook Air for this price. Whether it’s going to be a presentation tool or just a way to stay in touch with your friends at home, you may enjoy the Bluetooth connectivity, HD graphics, and 13.3-inch Retina Display. Work and play on a refurbished MacBook(opens in a new tab) that’s only $370.99 (Reg. $999).

In near-mint condition, this refurbished MacBook could be a great all-purpose computer for students(opens in a new tab) and workers alike. With 8GB RAM, a 128GB SSD, and an HD display, get a MacBook that could switch gears from productivity to play as quickly as you can. Plus, the battery claims to last up to 12 hours, and the whole thing is only $413.99 (Reg. $1,599).

Not every computer has to run every app, and this MacBook may be a great way to relieve some of the low-demand apps from your main device. If you’re working on something like MS Word, Excel, the Google Suite, or just streaming, then pull up a laptop that can take some of that wear-and-tear. And if you need to transfer work back to your other computer, this one has Bluetooth connectivity(opens in a new tab), and it’s just $250 (Reg. $1,199).

Prices subject to change.


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