Google’s Pixel Buds Pro and select Nest products are $50 off today at Wellbots


You feel that? It’s Friday, and it’s time to take some good deal vibes into the weekend. Wellbots is currently discounting a bunch of great tech from Google, including the Pixel Buds Pro, Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, and the latest Nest Hub and Nest Mini — and frankly, they’re all bangers.

First up are the excellent Google Pixel Buds Pro, a pair of wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and a mic that can combat the stiff winds of an NYC ferry. Now through October 29th, they’re on sale for an all-time low of $149.99 at Wellbots when you use promo code VER50 at checkout, which knocks $50 off their regular price of $199.99. The Pixel Buds Pro are the ideal earbuds if you just got a Pixel 7 phone, as they offer great sound quality and tight integration with Google Assistant, allowing them to read your messages out loud as you receive them and perform other helpful actions. They also come in fun colors like yellow, light blue, and orange — which are all on offer with this deal.


Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are the company’s first earbuds to include active noise cancellation. But that’s not the only thing that makes them Google’s best buds yet: the Pixel Buds Pro combine impressive sound, great battery life, and good comfort — all without the connection issues of earlier models. Use code VER50 at Wellbots for $50 off until October 30th.

Google’s compact yet mighty Nest Audio smart speaker is on sale for just $49.98 at Wellbots when you use code VER50 at checkout, saving you $50 on its regular price of $99.98. The Nest Audio is already a worthwhile value at its regular price, offering impressive audio quality for its small stature, though at this low price, you can get two of them for the price of one and pair them in stereo mode. Sure, you’ll have to adjust each one’s volume independently thanks to a lawsuit, but the law can’t stop this speaker from being a handy gateway to having Google Assistant on call in a room of your choosing (though never say never in the world of lawsuits and antitrust). Read our review.


Google’s Nest Audio offers better sound quality than the Google Nest Mini, and pairing two in stereo can provide a better experience while jamming to your favorite tunes. Use code VER50 at Wellbots for $50 off until October 30th.

If you want a Google Assistant-powered speaker in your home for chump change, the latest version of the tiny Nest Mini is just $20 at Wellbots when you use code VER29 to save $29. This little speaker can fit just about anywhere or even be mounted to a wall to avoid taking up precious counter or desk space. This second-gen version has improved sound quality over its predecessor, though it’s probably not going to be your preferred method of listening to music. Its best features are powered by Google Assistant, which grants you access to a multitude of voice commands for controlling a Google-connected smart home and provides you with helpful info, including the weather and what’s on your calendar for the day. Read our review.


The Nest Mini is Google’s smallest smart speaker, and it can bring Google Assistant to almost any area of your home. You can even mount it to your wall with no additional hardware. Use code VER29 at Wellbots for $29 off until October 30th.

From a tiny smart speaker to a tiny smart display, the latest version of the Google Nest Hub is on sale at Wellbots for $49.99 when you use the code VER50. This is as cheap as this seven-inch display gets, and it’s a great window into your Google Photos shared albums that also allows for easy-to-read news updates, weather reports, and more. It’s got some sleep tracking features that are a little half-baked, but it makes for a helpful yet compact smart display that fits in most rooms and provides access to Google Assistant. Read our review.


The second-gen Nest Hub is Google’s smallest smart display, with a seven-inch touchscreen that can automatically adjust itself to the lighting in your room. What’s new in the latest version is its ability to automatically track your sleep patterns with its Soli radar chip. Use code VER50 at Wellbots for $50 off until October 30th.

Last on deck for these Google deals is the big boy Nest Hub Max. You can get Google’s 10-inch smart display with room-filling sound and a front-facing webcam for an all-time low of $159 at Wellbots instead of $229 when you use code VER70 at checkout. It works great as a digital photo frame for Google Photos just like the smaller Nest Hub, but you get a more sizable display and a built-in camera for video calls. Plus, its larger screen shows you more info at once and gives easy access to extensive smart home controls. You can even talk to Google Assistant by just looking at it thanks to a recent software update. Read our review.

Google Nest Hub Max


The Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch screen and integrated camera for making video calls. It is Google’s largest and most complete Google Assistant smart display. Use code VER70 at Wellbots for $70 off until October 30th.

Now for a smart home deal that isn’t exclusively Google-centric. Verizon is selling the wired version of the multiplatform Arlo video doorbell for just $88 (about $62 off). This doorbell is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to feel completely locked in to one smart home platform, as it works with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. It records a preroll video so you have footage of visitors walking up to the door, and the notification arrives to your phone like a call instead of just a pop-up banner. This deal is on the wired version, and it’s close to an all-time low price, though keep in mind the $2.99 per month subscription is necessary to use its best features. Read our video doorbell buying guide.


Arlo’s wired video doorbell offers Google Home and Apple HomeKit compatibility. It also has preroll video recording to capture what happens before a visitor rings your bell.

The 2021 version of the Apple TV 4K may soon be replaced by the newly announced 2022 version, but in the meantime, the last-gen model is on sale for a new low of $99.99 ($80 off) at Amazon. Apple’s streaming device is one of the best you can buy, with great specs across the board like HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6 support, though its biggest downside is its high price. The current deal price makes it a no-brainer if you want a streaming device with lots of horsepower, one that can last more than a few years without starting to feel sluggish and outdated. The impending version will have a revised remote that charges via USB-C and an upgrade to HDR10 Plus for improved dynamic range, but the 2021 model is more than adequate if you don’t need to be on the cutting edge.


The latest Apple TV 4K houses the A12 Bionic processor and features faster performance with HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6, and Thread support.

Last but not least, we’ve got some deals for you, dear gamers. Eneba is offering a $100 digital gift card to the PlayStation Store for $80.24 ($19.76 off) when you use discount code PSN100US at checkout. There’s not much to say here other than it’s like getting a discount on the digital games or DLC of your choice for the PlayStation 5 or PS4 — which is convenient timing with God of War Ragnarök around the corner.

Also, for you Xbox or PC players, Eneba is offering three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $22.16 ($22.83 off) when you use promo code UltiX3 at checkout. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription grants you access to a bunch of new and old games to play on either Xbox consoles or PC, including day-one releases.

Both of these deals at Eneba are set to run until 7AM ET on Monday, October 24th. Keep in mind that Eneba’s prices can fluctuate by a few dollars or cents, sometimes on a minute-to-minute basis.


A gift card for Sony’s PlayStation Store is good for all kinds of titles, add-ons, and downloadable content. They are normally sold in $10, $25, $50, and $100 values. Eneba is selling a $100 digital gift card for $80.24 when you use code PSN100US until 7AM ET on October 24th.

Picture of the Xbox Series X, showing its power button and vent.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers access to more than 100 games, including Doom, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, and more, which you’ll be able to play on supported Xbox consoles or PC. Eneba is selling a three-month membership for $22.16 when you use code UltiX3 until 7AM ET on October 24th.


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