Google is making the Assistant a bit smarter in your smart home


What you need to know

  • Google announced upgrades to Google Assistant in smart home devices.
  • The AI assistant is better able to recognize devices based on context such as what room you’re in.
  • Google warns that recent changes may affect how it responds to commands based on what consumers are used to.

Google is constantly working on ways to improve the smart home experience, and much of that comes down to Google Assistant. On Thursday, the company announced upgrades to how Google Assistant handles requests that aim to improve how it responds to them.

In the blog post, Google highlights how Google Assistant should soon be able to better recognize devices throughout your home. One example it gives is that you can say, “Turn off the fan,” and the AAssistant will complete the request using contextual information, such as where you’re located, based on the device you’re speaking to.


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