Forged Galileo manuscript leads experts to controversial book he secretly wrote


A previously unpublished note by Galileo refers to criticism by the Italian scholar Ludovico delle Colombe, who had suggested that the “new star” seen in 1604 was always there, but had only recently been seen. (Image credit: By permission of the Ministry of Culture, National Central Library of Florence – Any further reproduction by any means is prohibited)

The revelation in August that a manuscript attributed to Galileo Galilei was a forgery has led to the discovery of a different book that the celebrated Italian astronomer actually did write, but under a pseudonym, a new investigation finds.

Previously unpublished notes by Galileo that were checked in the aftermath of the forgery’s discovery indicate that he was the true author of a treatise titled the “Considerazioni Astronomiche di Alimberto Mauri” — Italian for the “Astronomical Considerations of Alimberto Mauri” — which was published in 1604.


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