Firmware: Major feature and bug fix update for the Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III


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Canon has released a major new feature and bug-fix firmware update for the Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III.

Firmware Version incorporates the following enhancements:

  • Adds support for EU-V3 Expansion Unit 3.
  • Adds Focus Position Guide feature.
  • Adds support for additional commands for Canon IP [XC Protocol].
  • The following features are enabled when the following lenses are attached: CN8×15 IAS S/E1, CN8×15 IAS S/P1, CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L F, CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L FP
    • Displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached.
      • Displaying T number
      • Support for Peripheral Illumination Correction and Chromatic Lens Aberration Correction.(EF only)
      • Support for [Dual Pixel Focus Guide] (EF only)
  • Enables face detection and tracking when S&F shooting frame rate is set from 24 to 120 frames per second.
  • Adds support for 4CH display in audio meter.
  • Improves the retention of the recording settings when switching between normal shooting and S&F shooting.
  • Adds [Canon 709 / BT.709] to the Gamma/Color Space in Custom Picture setting.
  • Adds [CMT 709] in LUT and Sub Rec Color Conversion.
  • Adds [G Gain] in White Balance in Custom Picture settings.
  • Adds support for the CFExpress VPG 400 (Video Performance Guarantee).
  • Fixes minor issues when using the CINE-SERVO lens.

Download firmware v1.0.4.1 for the Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III


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