BIOSTAR Z690 Valkyrie Motherboard Supports AMD EXPO Memory


BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today announces product support for EXPO memory. Unleash unparalleled performance boost on the Z690 VALKYRIE motherboard with the latest EXPO memory.

AMD’s recent announcement of their new Extended Profiles for Overclocking (EXPO) technology for DDR5 memory, built to run on their latest AM5 platform, enables effortless memory acceleration with built-in overclocking profiles to extract maximum performance from DDR5 memory modules. Unlock smooth high frame rates in your favorite games with the combination of BIOSTAR motherboards and the latest EXPO memories, designed to run high memory frequencies and aggressive overclock settings.

BIOSTAR proudly announces that their Z690 VALKYRIE motherboard will readily support EXPO memory technology. With all high-end memory brands lining up to release AMD EXPO memories, BIOSTAR intends to lead the market in providing the best motherboards that support both EXPO and Intel XMP DDR5 technologies, respectively. They plan to offer AMD EXPO and Intel XMP DDR5 support on both AM5 motherboards and their Intel counterpart, carrying on their innovative legacy and unrivaled product quality to provide users easy access to the latest cutting-edge technology.

The latest BIOS update for the Z690 VALKYRIE motherboard will soon be available on BIOSTAR’s official product page, enabling users to fully harness the power of EXPO memory. BIOSTAR urges its customers to actively follow their social media pages to learn more about their upcoming products and news.


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