Become the ultimate perpetual student with these translation earbuds


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TL;DR: As of August 13, you can get the Mymanu CLIK Translation Earbuds(opens in a new tab) for just $157 instead of $220 — that’s a 28% discount.

Whether you’re still in school or long since graduated, every time you touch down in a place you’ve never been, you have a new chance to learn. However, if there’s a language barrier, things might be a little difficult. While you could spend months cultivating a rudimentary mastery over another language, you could also skip a few steps and use a wearable translator(opens in a new tab)

As of 2021, a little over 20% of the United States was bilingual. The number of people who speak 37 languages is likely considerably less. However, a pair of Mymanu CLIK Translation Earbuds could make you feel like a regular polyglot. These wearable translators could give you real-time speech-to-speech translation in 37 languages, and during our Back to Education Event, they’re on sale for $157 (Reg. $200) until August 24. 

Get almost-instant text and speech translations

If you have plans of traveling the world, these headphones might make it a little easier if you meet someone who only speaks Arabic, Catalan, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, or any of 13 other languages. 

To translate, just pair your CLIK S with the Mymanu Translate app (for iOS or Android). If you want to translate your own language, select your language, then the language you want to translate to on the app. Hold the button on the earbud and speak. A translated version of your speech(opens in a new tab) will appear on the screen and be read aloud automatically. To hear a translation from someone else, complete the same process and hear their words translated automatically in your earbud.

Along with being an incredible translator that might help you connect with people and places around the world, these can also function as a pair of wireless earbuds. They are built for up to 10 hours of listening from a single charge and 20 more hours with the charging case. Listen to your tunes in HD or answer calls and hear your notifications. Plus, they don’t look half bad in sleek matte black. 

Connect to speakers of other languages and learn more about the world

Listen to music and listen to people from around the globe. These Mymanu earbuds(opens in a new tab) can “speak” more languages than 99% of the world, and during our Back to Education event now through August 24, they’re marked down to $157 (Reg. $200), with no coupon code needed. Every unit purchased gives 50 cents to a school or children’s charity you can vote on via email after your purchase. 

Prices subject to change.


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