Basemark Debuts a Unique Benchmark for Comparisons Between Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows Devices


Basemark launched today GPUScore Sacred Path. It is the world’s only cross-platform GPU benchmark that includes the latest GPU technologies like Variable Rate Shading (VRS). Sacred Path supports all the relevant device categories – ranging from premium mobile phones to high-end gaming PCs and discrete graphics cards, including full support of the major operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows.

This benchmark is of great importance for application vendors, device manufacturers, GPU vendors and IT Media. Game developers need a thorough understanding of performance across the device range to optimize the use of the same assets across a maximum device range. GPU vendors and device manufacturers can compare their products with competitor products, which allows them to develop new product ranges with the correct targeting. In addition, Sacred Path is a true asset for media reviewing any GPU-equipped devices.

There are benchmarks for subcategories of devices, like GPUScore: The Expedition for smartphones, and GPUScore: Relic of Life for high-end gaming PCs. But without a cross-platform benchmark, it is hard to understand how these device and performance ranges reflect onto each other. Hence Sacred Path allows cross-platform and cross-device comparison, comparing devices of different categories and operating systems while supporting the latest and future hardware.

“Sacred Path is a unique true cross-platform benchmarking tool. It is bold to develop a cross-platform benchmark that employs the exact workload and technical features on all targeted environments, allowing the user to compare graphics performances between smartphones and desktops- without any compromises. A series of advanced optimizations have been conducted to make the benchmark relevant for the whole range of targeted devices. In addition, using features like VRS, advanced custom shaders, Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO) or temporal anti-aliasing, we are sure that Sacred Path is the most advanced and relevant benchmark on the market “, said Mircea Cristea – GPUScore Product Owner.

If the desired outcome is to run and compare GPU benchmarking tests with the smallest margin of error, there is no other alternative than to use Basemark’s GPUScore for benchmarking. Sacred Path has been developed to function as a quality assurance tool with a laboratory-like environment that supports the business needs of different GPU stakeholders.

Basemark’s GPUScore trilogy: Relic of Life, The Expedition, and the latest benchmark launched today, Sacred Path, has been developed together with industry leaders that are members of Basemark’s benchmark development program, such as Samsung, Nvidia, MediaTek, Imagination Technologies, Broadcom, ARM, and Qualcomm. Close cooperation with the industry leaders ensures benchmark quality, correct performance measurements and usage of the latest technologies in graphics development.


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