Arlo is now protecting residents when they leave their residence


Known for its wireless cameras, smart video doorbells, and, more recently, its DIY home security system, Arlo is expanding into the growing market of family tracking and personal safety apps. “Features like 24/7 live agent emergency support, location sharing, family check-ins, and safety alerts provide on-the-go protection to keep you safe in a time of need,” said Arlo’s SVP of products, Tim Johnston, in a press release.

Arlo’s Safe app includes a “Walk with Me” feature that operates like a dead man’s switch

The Netgear-owned company’s Arlo Safe app includes a “Walk with Me” feature that lets you hold an on-screen button in the app as you walk to your car or to your door when you feel unsafe. If it’s no longer pressed, Arlo’s security team will attempt to contact you and call authorities to your location, and your emergency contacts will be alerted as well.

Arlo is also offering a $30 Safe Button that can trigger the emergency button in the app. So instead of fumbling with your smartphone, you can just tap the portable Bluetooth button in your pocket or hanging off your bag, kind of like the Ring panic button but one that you can take with you.

Arlo Safe is entering a market that is largely dominated by Life360’s popular family protection service, which reported 42 million active users in its Q2 earnings this year. Companies like Apple include features like Arlo’s family location tracking for free, and the latest iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 devices include Crash Detection without the need for a subscription. However, Arlo’s service can record audio and video in the event of a crash to help emergency personnel understand the situation.

A boxed bundle that includes two of the Arlo Safe buttons and a year subscription is available at Best Buy for $119.99.

A boxed bundle that includes two of the Arlo Safe buttons and a year subscription is available at Best Buy for $119.99.
Image: Arlo

Arlo Safe comes in different monthly subscription tiers: an individual plan for $4.99, families for $9.99, and a Pro plan that includes both Arlo Safe and the company’s home security and camera cloud recording service for $19.99 per month.

The company is also launching a boxed Family Safe Bundle for $119.99 that includes two of the Safe buttons and a full year of the Arlo Safe family plan, which would otherwise cost $179.86 after 12 months. The bundle is available at Best Buy stores and will come to other retailers “soon.”


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