Amazon Echo Dot (2022) vs. Echo Dot with Clock (2022): Should you clock in or not?


The Amazon Echo Dot and Dot with Clock have been some of Amazon’s most popular smart speakers for years now. This is largely due to the amount of helpful features that you get in these devices without needing to spend the extra cash on the larger Amazon Echo. Sure, you’ll get better sound quality from that speaker, but unless you are really trying to bump the tunes for a party, the smaller option can be the better deal. So, when it comes to Amazon Echo Dot vs. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, which should you buy? Well, let’s talk about it.

Amazon Echo Dot (2022) vs. Echo Dot with Clock (2022): Oh, so similar

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

(Image credit: Amazon)

When Amazon announced the new Echo Dot (5th gen) and Dot with Clock (5th gen) at its 2022 Devices and Services event, there were some nice updates to the smallest smart speakers in the lineup. The speakers’ overall size remained the same compared to the Echo Dot (4th gen) and Dot with Clock (4th gen), but at the same time, the new models picked up slightly larger speakers. While the earlier models didn’t have bad sound, anytime it can get improved, it’s a good thing.

Amazon added some pretty helpful new improvements to the new Echo Dot and Doth with Clock without making the devices any bigger.


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