According to Intel, the Arc A750 trumps RTX 3060.

The first benchmarks are appearing as Intel launches its first range of dedicated graphics cards. The company’s most recent official test attempts to pit the Arc A750 with Nvidia’s midrange GPU, but several concerns remain as both firms, as well as AMD, prepare to release new cards in the second part of this year.

Intel released a quick benchmark of their forthcoming Arc A750 gpu this week, saying that it compares favorably to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 across a few popular titles. So far, earlier Arc benchmarks, either official and unofficial, were indeed mixed.

Cyberpunk 2077 was the main title Intel tested in its video (above), but it also showed similarities between Control, F1 2021, Borderlands 3, as well as Fortnite. All comparisons suggest that the A750 outperforms the 3060 by roughly 15%. Using the high graphics option, Intel’s hardware achieves approximately 60 fps per second throughout Borderlands, Control, but also Cyberpunk at 1440p. F1 and Fortnite both exceed 120 frames per second.

Intel Arc A750
intel Arc A750 Benchmarks

However, the comparison excludes image reconstruction, which is another area in which Intel aims to compete against Nvidia. Except for Borderlands, all of the tested titles feature Nvidia’s DLSS, and would provide the 3060 much better framerates. Unfortunately, no will be on the list of games that will use Intel’s XeSS. AMD FSR is only supported by Cyberpunk and F1.

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The other Arc GPUs are likewise slated will compete against Nvidia’s entry-level and commercial cards, although preliminary results have been mixed. Official benchmarks place the A730M and A770M near the RTX 3050 Ti as well as 3060. The A770 is expected to rival the 3070 Ti, however tests in April revealed much poorer results, probably due to insufficient Intel drivers. An early appraisal of budget A380 was considerably more critical last month.

Although Intel’s graphics cards are available exclusively in China and South Korea, the firm says they will be accessible in other regions later this summer. Nvidia as well as AMD will each bring out a new series of GPUs late this year, that will almost certainly beat Intel’s offerings.

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