A Pixel Watch was spotted early at Target


Angled view of pixel watch


  • The Pixel Watch was spotted at a Target distribution center a week before Google’s Pixel event.
  • The watch could end up on store shelves sooner than expected.

Next Thursday Google will be holding its hardware event where it’s expected that we’ll see the new Pixel 7 series and the Pixel Watch. But it looks like someone got an earlier look at the Pixel Watch than the rest of us.

Over the weekend, someone at a Target distribution center uncovered a Pixel Watch in its retail packaging. According to Droid Life, the person who mistakenly found the device snapped a picture of the box, sent it to a friend, and the friend posted the image on Reddit.

Pixel Watch box

The only notable details that can be gleaned from the image is the “with Fitbit” branding. Based on what we know about Google’s Pixel Watch, the device is supposed to be deeply integrated with Fitbit, which makes sense given that Fitbit is a part of Google now. In addition, we also know that Fitbit will be replacing Fitbit accounts with Google accounts in the next few years.

Google plans on starting preorders for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on October 6 and it was expected that Google would do the same for the Pixel Watch. However, the company has not confirmed when orders for its watch will go live. The fact that a Pixel Watch was already discovered at a Target distribution center could signify that Google plans on getting the device on shelves around the same time as preorders for the Pixel 7 series go live.

As for what to expect price-wise, a recent leak revealed that the Wi-Fi edition of the Pixel Watch will likely be $349.99, putting it in direct competition with Apple and Samsung.


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